Supply and Demand
Orla the company director looking at the camera. Orla has short red hair and dark thick rimmed glasses.

Pre-pandemic the majority of our work required captioners to be onsite. Onsite hours before the event began, mostly waiting our turn to test. Fast forward to now, two years of virtual events, we have all learned to provide the same event services but remotely. Remote working while challenging meant we weren't restricted to captioner location, captioner travel time didn't exist, we used our technologies effectively and flexibly and adapted to the new way of life. 

With the lifting of lockdown we are already starting to feel that shift back into the old, less flexible ways. Production companies, clients and events organisers saying we "need" you onsite. We are resisting the urge. We learned in lockdown with the advances in communication technology and internet access, we can deliver exactly the same services, using exactly the same methods to the same quality, just remotely. 

Remote working allows us to cover more events and more last-minute requests, using the captioners' time more effectively and increasing the amount of work they can take on, time that would have been spent travelling or waiting around, as a result, we can cover up to 30-50 events a day. Pre-pandemic that would cover only a few onsite events and a couple of work meetings onsite. Remote working lowers client costs with hourly rates rather than full day rates and expenses.

Insisting on onsite captioners means with the increased demand you could potentially be preventing other events being accessible, when everything can be done remotely, successfully.

There is no finite number of good-quality captioners, while demand has increased the number of captioners has not. MyClearText uses captioners as flexibly and creatively as we can. We have access to captioners from all over the world and have regular writers from Australia and the US to meet the welcome demand to make events accessible.

MyClearText has the technical expertise to look at your event workflow and provide a remote solution. We can guide you through the process for remote captioning, step by step with full technical testing and administrative support from start to finish. We are the experts and you can trust us as we build a more accessible events space together.