Stenographer typing on a stenography machine
Quality live captioning for events

We provide high-quality live real-time human captioning, combined with our technical expertise and innovative solutions for face-to-face, virtual and hybrid events.

What we do

Our captions are produced by humans who deliver live, realtime, accurate text at high speeds. This can be at speed of up to 300 words per minute delivered at 99% accuracy contextually and grammatically.


What's different about working with us?

We have over 50 years of experience in delivering captioning at the highest standard. We lead and break new ground using and creating advanced technology to provide innovative solutions for live captioning


Our services

We can provide live human captions to any virtual platform, hybrid event or face-to-face event. We are known in the industry for our ability to add live captions to anything regardless of how complex the set-up might be. 


Orla sitting at the back of a conference room typing on a stenography machine.

Please contact us using the form below, or alternatively, use the details at the bottom of the page. We're available from 9am-5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday, by email or phone.