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Quality live captioning for events

We deliver quality, live captions across all platforms, offering a wide variety of innovative solutions and technical support to make virtual events both accessible and inclusive of everyone. All of our captioners are carefully hand-picked by us, we continuously monitor and invest in new speech-to-text technology, so you can be sure that we will always provide the right service for you.

What we do

Captioner, Stenographer, Speech-to-Text Reporter, Palantypist are all terms used to describe “human beings” who use a special keyboard and phonetic code to produce live accurate text at high speeds in real-time. This can be speeds of up to 300 words per minute delivered at 99% accuracy contextually and grammatically.

At MyClearText we use highly skilled captioners who train for many years, to accurately report live speech, enabling deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing people to actively participate in meetings and events.

Our services are also useful for people with ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, and for those with English as a second language.

We work for individuals who need this type of accessibility at work, and for companies seeking to make their events visibly accessible as we provide live integrated captions to large screens, livestreams, personal devices, any online platform and social media such as Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube.


Our technical expertise enables us to offer and develop innovative solutions for our clients.


At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we made it possible for our clients to hold virtual events with accurate real-time captions delivered to global audiences of 1000+. Consequently this is the “new normal” for us and we have become so proficient at it we can respond with minimal notice.

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What's Different about working with us?
Best practice

We’re passionate about working collaboratively with our clients to enable empowered accessibility decisions and share best practices.


We consistently lead and break new ground with advancing technology and provide innovative solutions for live captioning.


We fully support our captioners and our clients in the technical set up for each event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our services

We provide a full range of caption services for town hall style meetings to virtual pub quizzes. Live captions open up your events to a wide reaching audience allowing deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people immediate access to the content, alongside neurodiverse and international audiences with English as a second language.

We also offer webcast and livestreamed live captioning for your conference, immediate transcription services for media reporting or social media, multiple language live captions  and BSL and ISL on request.

Virtual Content & Webinars
Arts, Cultural & Sporting Events
Individual Support
Post Production
Our Clients

We work with corporate businesses, charities and production companies to make their events inclusive to everyone.

We are the delivery partner for Stagetext and we work with theatres, museums and other arts and cultural organisations to make their shows, events and exhibitions accessible to all.

We also work directly with deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals in their everyday working lives.

Our team

We are a core team of seven operating virtually in various locations in Europe including London, Ireland and France.

Orla Pearson Director, Technical and Operations Manager

Clare Harvey Programme Manager

Petra Booking Co-ordinator

Linda Booking Co-ordinator

Elaine McCarthy Director, Finance Manager

Keara Clancy Accounts Manager

Damia Booking Co-ordinator

Aisling Financial Assistant

If you need the spoken word written we’d love to hear from you.  Please contact us using the form below, or alternatively, use the details at the bottom of the page. We're available from 9am-5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday, by email or phone.