High quality on-site and
reporting for deaf people


Live, verbatim speech-to-text provided
by a writer attending your event.

A writer attends a meeting, conference or event and provides live verbatim text on a big screen, LCD screen or to an individual or smaller groups on a single laptop screen.

The client can chose the layout and colour scheme of the text and background.

We can also provide overlaid subtitles via a software called Text-on-Top. The client can choose how many lines and positioning of the subtitles over a PowerPoint Presentation of video presentation or blank screen. The result is similar to television subtitling. We can provide this alongside a full screen service and linking it with the remote service too. This text can appear in overflow rooms or outside screens.

Live speech-to-text to your tablet or laptop
without the writer present.

The writer works from home and accesses the meeting, event or conference via Skype or conference call or direct audio feed and sends the live text through an internet platform Streamtext. The client views the live text on a laptop or tablet. The client has full control of the appearance and size of the text. We have used this on-site also when clients have had to move around a lot. The advantages is a very discreet for the client. Writers in remote locations can be used to provide the service so there is more availability and no hefty travel costs. A good internet Wi-Fi connection is necessary.

Using the phone is now an option with the remote service. Add the writer to your Skype or conference call and view the text of the call live.

We have worked with our clients to find the best way of delivering this. We provide full training and support for clients.

Live verbatim accurate subtitles for television
or corporate programmes.

We also provide a service of pre-prepared subtitles for website videos or podcasts via our partner Access Subtitling.

We write and produce subtitles for live television programmes. We are experienced in all kinds of television captioning, News, high-profile events eg. Trooping the Colour, Royal Weddings, daytime light television eg. Saturday Kitchen, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, World Cup Finals.

We can provide you with a verbatim
transcript of your event.

There can be a draft transcript, not for publishing, made available within 24-hours of the event or a more complete and polished version within a week of the event.

We can also provide a transcription service from your own pre-recorded material.

What is Speech-To-Text?

Using a special stenography or Palantype machine, writers can write at speeds of up to 300 words per minute. The keyboard layout is different to a QWERTY keyboard, using a phonetic theory, words a broken up into different strokes and short-forms to enable the writer to take down speech in real- time. Each stroke or combination of strokes is translated against a dictionary that each writer has written uniquely to them. The text is instantly translated and appears live on a laptop or big screen or as subtitles.

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