High quality on-site and
reporting for deaf people

Who are we?

Elaine McCarthy and Orla Pearson trained at the only full-time stenography course in Europe. Both achieved speeds of over 200 words a minute. They joined the BBC Access Services team. The department had established a subtitling department but were looking to expand and grow the service. Elaine and Orla were sent to the US to hone their skills. The team achieved a lot of firsts; the first overnight subtitled broadcast, introducing sports subtitling, specialist live children’s subtitling and the longest-recorded subtitled stint making the Guinness Book of Records! Elaine moved into training and Orla into managing the captioning team for a number of years.

Looking for new challenges and to connect more with the people using the service brought a move into freelance captioning. The speech-to-text field seemed the next logical step and Elaine and Orla passed registration first time to become Registered Speech to Text Reporters with NRCPD.


MyClearText was formed out of working and then having conversations with deaf clients and seeing how going the extra mile could transform the client experience. Providing a simple onsite remote experience set a client free in a workshop he shared that it was the first time ever he had been able to participate on an equal footing.

We decided then and there what we wanted to be a business that was all about that experience for clients. Our priority is to work with clients to find out what they want and need from our services and provide for them to the highest standard.